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Corporate Social Responsibility

At GTB Hospitals we are consciously aware of our obligation to society and doing our bit for the community we serve. We have always believed in investing in various cause related and CSR initiatives that are integral with the goals and objectives of our organization. Every member of the SPS Hospitals family is committed to providing the best care and solace to the people in our community. Listed below are some of the community service initiatives that SPS Hospitals has organized.

Medical Camps And Outreach Opds

Our medical faculty participates in various medical camps across different urban and rural parts of the state. These camps allow people from all strata of society get access to world class medical advice from our eminent medical professionals. We also organize many outreach OPDs in rural areas and offer free medical consultation, diagnostic tests and investigations.

Health Awareness Programs

We regularly conduct many talks and interactive forums on a variety of topics. Through these platforms our doctors and allied medical professionals interact with people and address their health related concerns.

Healthy Kids Campaign

This program has been initiated by the Department of Paediatrics and it aims to sensitize parents and school teachers about the right way to approach common paediatric emergencies and behavioural problems in children. This program also emphasises on discouraging the rampant use of antibiotics on children and focuses on nutritional deficiencies like anaemia.

Save A Hand Save A Family

This campaign has been initiated across different industrial units of the region. It addresses the issue of hand injuries and discusses various aspects of hand injuries sustained by the workers and the methods of preventing them. During the awareness sessions of this campaign, main importance is laid to the fact that early and definitive treatment of hand wounds lead to a better and a complete functional recovery.

Life For A Life

This initiative was launched in collaboration with a group. For every girl child born in the hospital a tree was planted in the city. This joint effort addressed the dual problems of female foeticide as well as the depleting green cover.

Training Programs

SPS Hospitals regularly conducts trainings on a variety of topics. These topics range from a host of medical and non-medical issues like fire safety, disaster preparedness, mock drills and evacuations.

Free Screening Camps

Regular screening camps are conducted across the region for common diseases like Hepatitis. These programs are usually conducted free of cost and are followed up with awareness sessions of the public with our medical teams.

Stroke Club

This is a first of its kind multidisciplinary support group that brings together stroke specialists (neurologists), rehabilitation experts, dieticians, stroke survivors and patients on a common platform. These monthly meetings lay emphasis on early detection of warning signs for stroke and immediately rushing to a hospital in case of the appearance of any stroke symptom.

Life Savers Program

In our country,

50% of deaths due to these can be prevented if more awareness is created and timely help is provided during these emergencies.Life saver is a torch bearer for creating awareness in the community about common and life threatening emergencies.

SPS Hospitals spearheads this program and trainings are conducted for people to identify medical emergencies and the right way for approaching and handling these emergencies.

Enroll yourself in the SPS Life Savers movement and undergo the 4 hours training.

Billion Hearts Beating Campaign

As one of Asias foremost integrated healthcare providers, SPS Hospitals started the Billion Hearts Beating Campaign all over India in 2011. The idea behind this campaign is to create awareness among the people of this country on the risks associated with heart diseases and to motivate them to take the pledge to stay heart-healthy. Since the launch of this campaign, people from all walks of life have been taking the pledge on the special website created for this initiative.

To know more go to

  • 3000 people die of heart attack every day
  • 150,000 people die in road traffic accidents
  • India is the capital for both Diabetes and Hypertension
  • You could save your parents/children
  • You could save your friends
  • You could save a human life
  • You could prevent a severe disability
  • You could be a hero in the community
  • You could also be useful to your own self

Training Programs

SPS Hospitals regularly conducts trainings on a  variety of topics. These topics range from a host of medical and non-medical issues like fire safety, disaster preparedness, mock drills and evacuations.

Basic Life Support Training

SPS Hospitals regularly collaborates with various associations, organizations and institutions to train people for Basic Life Support. Such programs have been conducted in various schools, colleges, factories, trade unions, movie theatres etc.SPS Hospitals has also conducted these programs for highway patrol teams and traffic police personnel.