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The department of plastic surgery offers the following main services.

  • Treatment of burns : Thermal, chemical and electrical burns.
  • Hand injuries : Ludhiana being a industrial city, there is huge number of workers who sustain hand injuries in machine accidents. Limbs of several such patients have been salvaged with successful repair of nerves, vessels tendons and bones.
  • Facial injuries : Treatment of facial injuries including soft tissue injuries and bones is done in the best possible way to restore both function and appearance.
  • Wound coverage : It is done in both acute traumatic and chronic non healing wounds with the help of flaps and skin grafts. Vacuum  assisted closure ( VAC) is the latest adjunct in the armamentarium to achieve quick results.
  • Cosmetic surgery :  Hair transplantation, Liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast surgery and rhinoplasty
  • Others : Correction of congenital deformities, post burn contractures, scars, skin tumors.