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Visiting hours and guidelines

At GTB Charitable Hospitals we recognize the importance of the support from the family for all admitted patients. In order to enhance the quality of patient care and safety of patients, we strictly follow a stringent visiting policy that lays down rules and regulations for all visitors.

Daily Visiting Hours

One visitor is allowed to visit the patient between 07:30 AM to 08.30 AM and Emergency 05.30 PM to 07:30 PM in rooms.

These visitors passes allowed in the Private rooms and for Pediatric Patients 2 attendants.

HOSPITAL POLICY ON FOOD: The hospital does not allow any outside food to be brought. Since outside food may be a potential source of infection, all patients are served the diet as prescribed by the doctors.


Important Guidelines For Visitors

For the safety of our patients as well as visitors, we advise visitors to strictly adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  • Do not touch or let your clothes be in contact with the working surface in any area of the hospital.
  • Do not touch any machinery- movable or immovable.
  • Do not touch any patient or any article which the patient shall be using/has used or is being/has been used for patient care
  • Do not touch any needles/syringes or any sharp articles in the hospital
  • Do not touch any specimens like blood or body fluids or any tissue or any container of such things or any waste disposal container, while in the hospital
  • Do not enter the patient care area if you are suffering from any communicable disease(s) e.g. Cold/Cough/Diarrhea/ Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  • If your body immunity is low or your general resistance to infection is low, as is known to you or has been told to you, it is strictly advised that you do not enter patient care area
  • Do not eat or drink anything in the patient care area except within such area that has been demarcated for such activity
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly while leaving the hospital